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Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE CAST of the Penguin of Tuscany (Thus Far)

1) Captain Giovanni -

Captain of the Medici Guard.  His role in the city of Florence is a somewhat fluid one, but he represents the street level control of the city and carries the responsibility of maintaining Lorenzo De Medici's personal safety.  Despite these two important tasks, he is also often sent on separate tasks by Medici that leave him uninvolved with the goings-on in Florence for some time.  He essentially functions as a right-hand man to Medici for whatever tasks are important enough to be done right, if they can be done at all, by one very capable individual.

2) Leonardo Da Vinci -

Not yet the highly famous artist, scientist, and world expert, this is Leonardo just coming into his own under the patronage of Medici and just beginning to shine as a talented artist, not to mention becoming known for his irreplaceable capabilities in terms of study, discovery, and the mastery of almost any discipline he might be given the task of understanding or stumbling upon.  Currently, he is working on a very complicated armillary sphere at the urgings of Medici, for reasons that are as yet unrevealed.  A lover of animals, Leonardo has recently found himself with a penguin, whom has proven to be a dedicated and resourceful little friend.

3) Lorenzo De Medici -

The ruler of Florence in all but name, Lorenzo seeks to maintain the ascendence of the city's wealth and power, kept within his own capable hands.  Beyond his political machinations of rule, the head of the Medici family invests heavily in the arts and sees to a large number of artists in the city being able to spend their time on masterworks of their craft.  After a narrow brush with death three years ago, Lorenzo has become highly intent keeping Florence safe from the encroaching influence of anyone who might do him or his family harm.  There is very little in Florence that Lorenzo De Medici does not know of or allow to be.

4) Alessandro 'Sandro' Botticelli -

A contemporary of Da Vinci and as well as a fellow artist under Medici's patronage.  Although Botticelli's role in the greater story is thus far limited, it would be a disservice not to include him here among the others.  Presently he is stationed in a workshop outside of Lorenzo De Medici's Castello de Trebbio, in a converted barn.

5) The Puppeteer -

Who is it?  What is it?  The Puppeteer has come to Lorenzo's Castle, apparently upon invitation, and the Puppeteer intends a show at the height of the full moon.  There is something unavoidably odd and uncomfortable about this masked figure, and as to what designs the Puppeteer intends to carry out and for whom, much of this remains to be seen.  But rest assured it will be seen.

6) The Bird King -

The Bird King rules the forests just beyond the Castello Del Trebbio.  Lorenzo had a massive aviary constructed in the woods where a great number of exotic birds dwell in their own self-defined society, under the careful rule of this dark, silent monarch.  The Bird King has formed an alliance with Medici.  The world of humanity and the world of birds are inextricably intertwined, and The Bird King's subjects give him the know of a great many things beyond even Florence itself.

7) Spinoza the Bird Man -

Spinoza lives on the grounds of the great Aviary and tends to the surrounding area, ensuring the necessary repairs are done, as well as keeping tabs on every bird, ensuring all get along.  He exists as a sort of ambassador from the human world.  Beyond his work with the birds, he also from time to time must deal with wild creatures beyond the aviary walls that may seek to do the birds harm.  The forests of Tuscany are vast and hold...things...

8) The Princess Bird -

Eep!  The Daughter of the Bird King may appear unexpectedly but is ready to be your friend.  The Princess is in charge of greeting all new birds that come to the aviary and knows every bird that currently lives within the great dome.  Her story is still being told, with respect to the aviary, the forest, the Bird King, and the future.

9) Mondo Cocaggnio -

This guy.  A scheming aristocrat with limited power, Mondo recently made two unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the armillary sphere from Leonardo Da Vinci and has ended up jailed within the great tower of Florence.  Some might say he is easily manipulated, but he never gives up, and wants more than life has given him, even if life has given him quite a lot more than most in the city of Florence.  Both times he sought the sphere he was resoundingly thwarted by the penguin.  On their first meeting, the Penguin bit Mondo sharply on the nose.  This attack did not actually injure Mondo seriously at all, but the man is so vain and embarassed by the bite he currently wears a sheath over his nose.

10) Chiaroscuro -

A dark figure of the Tuscan underworld.  Chiaroscuro was originally hired by Mondo Cocaggnio to invade Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop, destroy the work there, and bring back the sphere.  All these things Chiaroscuro completed.  There is very little that Chiaroscuro has done in his life as an expert thief that he has not excelled at, and his skills are often in high demand.  It is less known that he did not completely destroy Da Vinci's workshop and actually seized some of the artist's pieces for his own private collection.  The thief is currently being tasked by other parties to take the sphere yet again.  It would seem enough is happening to warrant Chiaroscuro's own curiosity about why this bit of metal is so desired by the powers that be of Florence.  Presently, he waits to invade Castle Trebbio.

11) The Penguin of Tuscany - Is a Penguin.

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